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Introduction of Organic Agricultural Products
Organic agricultural products are a pure natural pollution-free and safe nutrition food which can also be called "ecological food". It is produced according to the principles of organic agriculture and organic agricultural production mode and standard and it passes the certificate of organic food certification institution. The principle of organic agriculture is producing products in the closed cycle of agricultural energy utilizing agricultural resources in the whole process rather than using other energy (chemical fertilizerspesticides growth regulation and additive etc.) to influence and change agricultural energy cycle. Organic agricultural production mode utilizes the effective circulation of four factors of production which is animalsplantsmicroorganisms and soilitbut doesn't break the production mode of biological cycle chain.
The differences between organic agricultural products and other agricultural products are as below:
1. Pesticidefertilizerhormone and synthetic material are prohibited in the production process of Organic agricultural products and genetic engineering technology is also prohibited.
2. Strict rules are implemented on the land production restructuring of organic agricultural products.  Because certain substances will exist for quite long time in the environmentitand will take 2 to 3 years from other products planting to organic products planting. While the production of green agricultural products and pollution-free agricultural products do not need the land conversion period.
3. Organic agricultural products require strictly controlling quantity which is determining fixed land block to produce fixed yield. While agricultural products don't need such strict rules.
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